If you're having issues with your phone freezing or crashing, try using Safe Mode. Booting your phone in Safe Mode starts your device with only the apps and software that came with it.

Quick Steps

  1. HC_Boot_in_Safe_Mode_Quick_Step_images_3.png Press and hold the Power Off button on the side of your phone
  2. HC_Boot_in_Safe_Mode_Frame_1.pngTap and hold Power off power_settings_new on your screen for a couple of seconds
  3. HC_Boot_in_Safe_Mode_Frame_2.png Tap OK

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Greyed out apps and missing widgets

After you've booted into Safe Mode, you may notice many greyed out apps. Don't worry, they weren't deleted. Safe Mode disables all apps you've downloaded to your phone. So if the problem you're experiencing stops while in this mode, a downloaded app is most likely the cause.

You may also have some Widgets disappear from your Home screen. All your widgets and downloaded apps are accessible again once you leave Safe Mode.

Exit Safe Mode

Press and hold the power button for a few seconds—then tap Restart Restart_icon.svg.

Resolve the issue

Rather than delete all your apps, remove them one-by-one—starting with your most recent downloads. Each time you delete an app, restart your phone. If the problem persists, remove the next app. After finding the app that was causing the problem, you can reinstall any apps you previously removed.