Developer options is a hidden Android menu designed for those who need access to more in-depth tools to create and test apps on their phone. But, you don't have to be an advanced user to enjoy some of its features. Here's how to turn it on, and a few handy things for everyday use.

Quick Steps

  1. HC_Turn_on_Developer_options_Frame_1.pngTap Settings
  2. HC_Turn_on_Developer_options_Frame_2.pngTap System
  3. HC_Turn_on_Developer_options_Frame_3.pngTap About phone
  4. HC_Turn_on_Developer_options_Frame_4.pngScroll to the bottom of the screen, then tap Build number repeatedly until you see "You are now a developer!" (it's about seven taps).

Learn More

Once you turn it on, tap Back (Back_button.svg or Back_arrow.svg) to return to System, then tap Advanced to show Developer options in the dropdown menu.

You'll notice the menu has a lot of options that may seem confusing. If you don't know what the action is or how it works, it's best not to change it—as it could affect how your phone functions. However, here are a few simple features you can change that may improve your experience with your phone:

Essential notch settings

Control how apps use the notch area on your phone. You can set a default for all apps, or you customize the setting for each app. And, you can always change it back at any time.


Stay awake

Your screen will stay on while your phone is plugged into a charger—which is especially handy while driving.

Mobile data always active

Wi-Fi Calling is great because it helps you make calls in places where your cellular signal may be weak, like buildings. But if you step out of a Wi-Fi area, it could disconnect your call. Enabling this feature keeps mobile data active while connected to a Wi-Fi signal. So if the Wi-Fi disconnects, your phone will switch over to your mobile network so your call is less likely to drop.

Animation and duration scales

Want to navigate your phone even faster? Or, maybe it's a bit too quick and you want it to move slower. You can easily adjust the speed for pop-up windows, transitions, and animations, so they speed up or slow down.


Force 4x MSAA

Want even better performance when playing games on your phone? Turn on Force 4x MSAA and your phone will render games at the highest quality possible. But keep an eye on your battery life! That extra power has to come from somewhere.