Quick Steps

  1. HC_Unlock_phone_with_fingerprint_Frame_1.pngTap Settings
  2. HC_Unlock_phone_with_fingerprint_Frame_2.pngTap Security & location
  3. HC_Unlock_phone_with_fingerprint_Frame_3.pngTap Fingerprint
  4. HC_Unlock_phone_with_fingerprint_Frame_4.pngTap Next
  5. HC_Unlock-phone-with-fingerprint_2.gifRest your finger on the fingerprint sensor on the back of your phone—then lift it when you feel a vibration. Repeat this until you close the circle.

    When finished, tap Done, or tap Add Another to add more fingerprints.

Learn More

Try tapping the sensor at slightly different angles. This will capture more of your fingerprint, making it even easier to unlock your phone.

You can add up to five fingerprints—so it's easy to unlock your phone even if you hold it in different ways. And if you forget which fingers you've added, tap the fingerprint sensor. The matching fingerprint will highlight. Then, rename it, so you'll remember for next time.