Quick Steps

  1. HC_Rename_your_phone_Frame_1.pngTap Settings
  2. HC_Rename_your_phone_Frame_2.pngTap System
  3. HC_Rename_your_phone_Frame_3.pngTap About phone
  4. HC_Rename_your_phone_Frame_4.pngTap Device name
  5. HC_Rename_your_phone_Frame_8.png Type a new name, then tap OK

Learn More

Creating a custom name for your phone can make it easier to spot your device when you're doing things like:

  • Wirelessly sharing media like photos and videos between devices
  • Pairing your phone with other devices, like Bluetooth headphones
  • Finding your phone after turning on Wi-Fi Hotspot
  • Connecting your phone to your Mac or PC

To confirm your phone is visible with its new name, tap Settings, then tap Connected devices.