Quick Steps

  1. HC_Reset_network_settings_Frame_1.pngTap Settings
  2. HC_Reset_network_settings_Frame_2.pngTap System
  3. HC_Reset_network_settings_Frame_3.pngTap Advanced, then tap Reset options
  4. HC_Reset_network_settings_Frame_4.pngTap Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth
  5. HC_Reset_network_settings_Frame_5.pngTap Reset Settings

Learn More

If you continually have trouble connecting to wireless networks—like your home router, the Bluetooth in your car, or your mobile carrier for Internet—resetting network settings may resolve the issue.

It doesn't erase any personal information from your phone—like apps and app data, contacts, or emails. It only deletes data that pairs your Essential Phone with a wireless network. So here are some things you'll need to do after resetting network settings:

  • Re-enter your Wi-Fi password to connect to your router or home network
  • Re-pair your phone with the Bluetooth in your car or wireless headphones

If you didn't remove the SIM card, your phone should automatically reconnect to your mobile carrier.