Here’s how to transfer your data from your Android device to your new Essential Phone.

Make a backup

Before getting started on your new phone, make sure you’ve made a backup of your previous Android device to Google Drive. This backup includes:

• Apps and app data
• Call history
• Device settings, including Wi-Fi passwords
• Google Calendar
• Google Contacts
• Photos and Videos
• SMS/Text messages

If you’re unsure how to backup using Google Drive, and you still have your previous Android phone, follow the steps below. If you’ve already made a backup, you can get started setting up your Essential Phone.

Backup on 7.0 Nougat

1. Tap Settings baseline_settings_black_18dp__1_.png
2. Scroll down, then tap Backup & reset
3. Tap Back up my data
4. Turn on Back up my data


Backup on 8.0 Oreo

1. Tap Settings baseline_settings_black_18dp__1_.png
2. Scroll to the bottom of your screen, then tap System
3. Tap Backup
4. Turn on Back up to Google Drive


Set up your Essential Phone

You can now easily transfer the saved backup from your previous Android phone using Google Drive and your Google Account.

During the setup process, select A backup from the cloud. Then, follow the prompts, and sign in to your Google Account using the same login details you used with your previous phone. This will restore your new Essential Phone with your previous backup.


And if you'd like more detailed steps on how to set up your Essential Phone, check out our related Help Center post.