Quick Steps

Caution: Resetting your phone to factory default settings will erase your data. We recommend you back up your data before proceeding with a reset.

  1. HC_Factory_reset_phone_Frame_1.pngTap Settings
  2. HC_Factory_reset_phone_Frame_2.pngScroll to the bottom of your screen, then tap System
  3. HC_Factory_reset_phone_Frame_4.pngTap Advanced, then tap Reset options
  4. HC_Factory_reset_phone_Frame_5.pngTap Erase all data (factory reset).
    Tapping this won't reset your phone.
  5. HC_Factory_reset_phone_Frame_6.pngTap Reset Phone.
    This will erase all the data from your device. If you want to recover your information, make sure you've made a backup before erasing.

Learn More

Performing a factory reset erases all the information from your device, restoring it to the way it came out of the box. There are a few of reasons you may want to perform a factory reset of your device:

  • You're looking to sell your phone and want to clear of all personal information
  • It's not performing the way you feel it should, and you want to start over
  • Your phone is completely frozen or you can't see the screen

If your screen doesn't turn on, try performing a few initial troubleshooting steps. If those don't work, you can also try a more advanced option of performing a factory reset of your phone from Fastboot Mode.