Making a backup of your Essential Phone provides a secure copy of your information—such as apps, contacts, and more. So if you ever switch or replace your phone, you can easily access and restore your information.

Quick Steps

  1. HC_Back_up_phone_Frame_1.pngTap Settings
  2. HC_Back_up_phone_Frame_2.pngTap System
  3. HC_Back_up_phone_Frame_3.pngTap Advanced, then tap Backup
  4. HC_Back_up_phone_Frame_4.pngTurn on Back up to Google Drive

Learn More

Once turned on, backups of your Essential Phone happen automatically. These backups include your:

  • Apps and app data
  • Call history
  • Contacts
  • Device settings, including Wi-Fi passwords and permissions
  • SMS Text messages

Your backup is encrypted using your Google Account password and uploaded to your Google Drive. For some information, the PIN, pattern, or password you set up to unlock your phone is also used for encryption. To find your backup:

  • Open the Google Drive app on your phone, tap Menu_icon.svg, then tap Backups
  • Visit on your PC or Mac, sign in with the same Google Account you used on your phone, then tap Backups on the left