Most everything on your phone has its own settings. For the phone, there's the Settings app in your App drawer. For pre-installed or downloaded apps—like Messages, YouTube, or Instagram—settings is usually located in that specific app behind a menu button like Menu_icon.svg or HC_Take_a_screenshot_More_icon.svg .

But what about your keyboard? Here's how to open your keyboard settings, and how to quickly get back to them from your App drawer.

Shortcut on your keyboard

You can open your keyboard settings from anywhere you can bring up your keyboard, like a Search box or in your favorite app.


  1. Tap and hold Backspace Backspace.svg on your keyboard
  2. Without lifting, drag your finger across your keyboard to the comma button
  3. When Settings appears Keyboard_settings.svg, release your finger

Using an app

If you'd prefer, you can get to your keyboard settings using an app as a shortcut.

  1. Open keyboard settings
  2. Tap Advanced
  3. Turn on Show app icon


The Gboard app HC_Open_keyboard_settings_Gboard_icon.png is now available in your App drawer. If you want it on your Home screen, tap and hold on the app, then drag it to where you want it.