You can take a screenshot on your phone using physical buttons, by using the screen, or by using your voice.

Using buttons

Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time for about one second, or until you see a snapshot on your screen.


Using the screen

Press and hold the Power button for a few seconds, then tap Screenshot.


Using your voice

You can also take a screenshot by asking Google Assistant. Say "OK Google" to activate the assistant on your phone, then say "Take a screenshot."

View, edit, and share your screenshot

Once you've taken your screenshot, tap the notification to view it. You can also Share, Edit, or Delete your screenshot from the notification. To see all your screenshots:

  1. Open the Photos app HC_Take_a_screenshot_Google_Photos_icon.png
  2. Tap Albums HC_Take_a_screenshot_Albums_icon_2.svg
  3. Tap Screenshots

You can take the same actions with screenshots that you can with pictures. With your screenshot open, tap:

  • Share.svg to Share
  • Edit.svg to Edit
  • HC_Take_a_screenshot_Google_Lens_icon.svg to use Google Lens
  • Trash.svg to Delete

Or tap HC_Take_a_screenshot_More_icon.svg to see detailed information, add or move to a different album or folder, back up, and more.