Need to transfer things like photos, videos, or music between devices? Here are a few easy ways to move any file from your phone to your Mac or Windows PC.

Portable flash drives

You can use a USB Flash Drive to move content between your phone and your computer. For added convenience, you can buy a flash drive that has both USB-C and more common USB-A connections if your computer doesn't have USB-C.

Connect using USB

If you'd prefer to connect your phone directly to your Mac or PC:

  1. Unlock your phone
  2. Connect the included USB-C cable to your device and the other end to your Mac or PC. If your computer doesn't have USB-C, you'll need an adapter to connect the other end to your computer. A USB-C to USB (2.0 or 3.0) adapter is the most common.
  3. On your phone, swipe down from the top of your screen to reveal your Notification drawer
  4. Tap Android System • Charging this device via USB to expand the notification, then tap it again
  5. Tap File Transfer


On Windows and Chromebook: 

A file transfer window will automatically open on your computer that you can use to move files between your phone and your PC. On Chromebook when you're done, unplug the cable. If you're on Windows, you'll need to eject your phone before disconnecting it.

On Mac:

Download Android File Transfer from Google. Once installed, open the app to move files between your phone and your Mac. When you're done, just unplug the cable from your phone.



One of the easiest ways to move content between your phone and your computer is by using an app. And chances are, you're already using one.

If you have a cloud storage app like Google Drive or Dropbox—or store your photos in the cloud using these or other apps like Google Photos—transferring content your devices is easy. You can go online to see, manage, and move files—or download the app to both your phone and computer.

If you'd prefer to not use cloud storage, here are a few other options:

  • Connect both devices over Bluetooth to transfer your files
  • Find an app from the Google Play Store Google_Play_Store_icon.png on your phone
  • Check the Microsoft Store on your Windows PC, or Mac App Store on your Mac
  • For Windows 10 users, use the Your Phone app to mirror your Android phone directly to your PC and move certain files, like photos, between your devices