Congrats on getting an Essential Audio Adapter HD. And welcome to the Essential community! Here’s how to get started with your Essential Audio Adapter HD.

Before you get started

Note: Audio Adapter HD is only supported with the latest version of Android Pie. Click here for more details on how to verify and update your Essential Phone software

Essential Audio Adapter HD communicates what type of MQA content is playing via the LED light, located underneath the female port. Here's what each LED color means:

Blue: When MQA Studio (approved by music producers or artists) music is playing.

Green: When MQA Audio (stream is genuine but the provenance is uncertain) is playing.

There will be no light when your device is playing non-MQA content or simply powers on.

Let's go

To begin, first plug your headphones to Essential Audio Adapter HD.


Caution: Your headphones need to be connected to Essential Audio Adapter HD before connecting the Audio Adapter HD to the phone.

Next, attach Essential Audio Adapter HD to the Essential Phone's Accessory Port.


To confirm Essential Audio Adapter HD is communicating with the Essential Phone—while a headset is connected to it and it's connected to the phone, there should be a notification in the status bar—HD Audio Accessory / Audio Adapter HD Attached.

Note: If you're using Essential Audio Adapter HD for the first time, a firmware update may be prompted before use. The firmware can be updated by tapping on the Update notification in the status bar when connected to WiFi or LTE and attaching the DAC.