Having trouble with your Audio Adapter HD? Let's see if we can fix it.

Software Check

A good place to start is verifying if you have the latest software installed for both Audio Adapter HD and your Essential Phone.

Audio Adapter HD is only supported with the latest version of Android Pie. Click here for more details on how to verify and update your Essential Phone software.

Current Firmware Version: Shio 0.12

The firmware can be updated by tapping on the Update notification in the status bar when connected to WiFi or LTE and attaching the Audio Adapter HD. If you're not seeing this notification, then your Audio Adapter HD firmware is up to date.

Tip: When connected to the phone, Audio Adapter HD's serial number and firmware version is visible in Settings > System > About Phone > Accessory Version

Audio Quality Issues

Check Connectivity

  • Make sure the 3.5 mm audio jack is fully plugged in, and Audio Adapter HD is flush with the back of your Essential Phone when attached.
  • To confirm Audio Adapter HD is communicating with the phone, while a headset is connected to it and it's connected to the phone, there should be a notification in the status bar—HD Audio Accessory / Audio Adapter HD Attached.

Narrow the issue down to the root cause

  • Check your earphones. Verify if they are working and also try other earphones with Audio Adapter HD. 
  • Check your audio app. Sometimes apps can be of issue and not Audio Adapter HD itself. I recommend closing down and restarting the app and also check its audio settings.

Static feedback noise during use in your vehicle

If you're using Audio Adapter HD in the car and PH-1 is connected to power, you'll likely encounter static feedback noise. This is because both the phone and the headset are using the same ground source. This can be resolved by using a ground loop isolator. There are various third party isolators are available.

Volume Behavior

If setting Audio Adapter HD volume to 100%, when removing and reconnecting Audio Adapter HD the volume will drop to 70%. This is a safety feature that is there by design to protect your hearing.

Headphones features limited while using Audio Adapter HD

While Audio Adapter HD can be used with any standard 3.5mm headphones, in-line button and microphone functionality may be limited depending on what headphones you're using.

  • In-line button functionality is supported for most headphones that are compatible with Android devices.
  • Headphones designed for Apple products will not have button functionality, and microphone functionality may be limited.

Phone becomes warm while using Audio Adapter HD

Don't worry, this is expected. We packed a lot of technology in the Audio Adapter HD in order to deliver studio quality audio performance with MQA as well as high resolution audio. Because of this, Audio Adapter HD and your phone may get warm, even quite warm, when used for extended periods of time.

Essential Phone has built-in safeguards to protect against overheating if it were to get too hot.

Battery drain behavior while using Audio Adapter HD

Once again, this is expected with all that technology packed in it. Your battery will experience an elevated drain rate during prolonged use of Audio Adapter HD.