If the 360 Camera is experiencing stability issues or isn't launching when connected to the PH-1, follow these troubleshooting steps to isolate and fix the issue.

Software Update Verification

These are the first steps toward troubleshooting issues with the 360 Camera. These steps verify that everything is up-to-date and establishes the appropriate starting point from which we can isolate an issue.


Verify Camera App is up-to-date
  • Launch Play Store.
  • Search for Essential Camera and select the app titled Camera created by Essential Products.
  • If there is an Update option, tap it to update the camera. (If it says Open instead, the camera is up to date.)

Note: If the Camera App just shows a black screen and/or spinner, and never launches into 360 mode, this is a strong indicator that the Camera App is out of date.

Verify the PH-1 is up-to-date

Follow the instructions on this support article for further assistance on this step.

Verify 360 Camera is up-to-date
  1. Confirm phone is connected to WiFi.
  2. Attach the 360 Camera to the Essential Phone.
  3. If Update Available card appears, tap the Update button. The update will download and install the update. If the camera automatically opens the Camera App in 360 mode without an update prompt, that indicates the 360 Camera is already up-to-date.
  4. After completion of update, "Success!" card will appear and the Camera App will launch in 360 mode.



If the 360 Camera still fails to launch after verifying that all software is up to date, the next step would be to determine the issue via the camera's indicator light.

Green Light

This indicates a good connection. We expect 360 mode to launch.

If not, it's possible that buildup or debris is causing an obstruction between the 360 Camera and the Accessory Port. On both the phone and the 360 Camera, wipe down the connections and the area around the connections.

In some cases, having a case or protective skin on the back of the PH-1 can affect the connectivity to the 360 camera. Remove the skin or case and test again.

Blue Light

This indicates that the 360 Camera is receiving power, but is not able to launch 360 Mode. This is typically due to a poor connection with the PH-1.

Try the troubleshooting steps mentioned above regarding cleaning off debris and removing any skin or case.

Red Light or No Light

This indicates an issue that's critical. We suggest you seek assistance from our support team, as the camera may need to be replaced.