Locating your Serial & IMEI Numbers

Follow the steps below to locate your Device IMEI and Serial Number.

Locating your Serial Number
  1. Go to your Settings
  2. Tap System
  3. Tap About Phone
  4. Tap Model & Hardware
Locating your IMEI Number
Return to the About Phone page, select MEID information.


The IMEI Number is a 15-Digit number listed below the MEID information.

Alternative Locations

There are two additional locations where the IMEI and Serial Number can be found.

Original Box
There is a sticker with four barcodes on the side of the box the PH-1 comes in. Refer to the "IMEI" and "SN" barcodes.

Information Tag inside SIM Slot
There is a small tag inside the SIM Slot that has the IMEI and Serial Number. Use the provided SIM Tray Ejector Tool (or something similar) to eject and remove the SIM tray. Inside the SIM slot, there will be a white tag that you can use the same tool to pull out (Do not completely remove the tag). The tag can be pushed back inside once the information is obtained.