With Tiny Planet mode in the Essential Camera app on Essential Phone, you can view, edit, save and share your 360 photos and videos as Tiny Planets—and all while still preserving the original content.
View, Adjust, and Save a Tiny Planet
  1. Tap on a photo or video from your Camera Roll to select it.
  2. Tap to edit.
  3. Tap to view your 360 photo or video as a Tiny Planet.
  4. Move your finger around the screen to adjust warp and bulge. And pinch the screen with two fingers to zoom.
  5. When finished, tap SAVE to add your Tiny Planet to your Camera Roll.

The adjustments you made—like warping or zooming—are preserved when you save your Tiny Planet photo. However, similar adjustments you make in a Tiny Planet video don't get saved.

Edit a Tiny Planet Photo


You can apply filters, adjust light and color, or even crop and tilt your Tiny Planet photos. To get started, select a Tiny Planet photo, then tap to edit.

  • Tap to choose a filter. Once you’ve selected a filter, tap on it again to adjust the intensity.
  • Tap to adjust elements of your image, like light, color, and more.
  • Tap to adjust crop and tilt, then tap to rotate your image or tap to change the aspect ratio.
Edit a Tiny Planet Video


After you’ve saved your 360 video as a Tiny Planet, tap to trim, stabilize, or rotate.

Share a Tiny Planet

Once you’ve saved your Tiny Planet photo or video, it’s available in both your Camera Roll and Google Photos. And you can share it with anyone on Android or iOS, or online to Facebook, YouTube, and more.

  • Select the Tiny Planet you want to share from your Camera Roll, then tap and choose how you’d like to share it.
  • To share from your Google Photos app, open your Camera Roll, tap , select your Tiny Planet photo or video, then tap .

You can also transform any 360 photo into an animated Tiny Planet. Check out our Support article to learn more.