Factory resetting your Essential Phone

A factory reset erases all information and settings from your Essential Phone. You should perform a factory reset if you’re:

  • Selling or gifting your PH-1 to another person
  • Sending your PH-1 in for repair or warranty replacement
  • Performing advanced troubleshooting

Factory resetting the phone will erase all personal data from the internal storage, including your Google account, downloaded apps, music, photos and messages.

It is highly recommended that you backup all of the personal data you wish to keep before beginning this process because none of it will be recoverable after the reset is complete.

Please see the article about Backing up your Data for more information. 

Factory reset your device

  1. Access your Settings_Cogwheel.png settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap System 
  3. Tap Advanced then tap Reset options
  4. Tap Erase all data (factory reset)
  5. Review Information, then select RESET PHONE
  6. Confirm by selecting ERASE EVERYTHING

The phone will automatically reboot after the reset is complete.


Factory resetting your device if the screen is inaccessible

  1. Press and hold the Power and Volume Down Buttons until the FastBoot menu appears (a menu with the START option selected in green at the top)
  2. Using the Volume Up and Volume Down Buttons, scroll to highlight the Recovery mode option in red
  3. Tap the Power Button to select Recovery Mode (the phone will automatically reboot to a screen with a broken Android and the words No command)
  4. Hold the Power Button and tap the Volume Up Button (release the power button when the Android Recovery menu appears)
  5. Using the Volume Up and Down Buttons, scroll to Wipe data/factory reset
  6. Press the Power Button to select Wipe data/factory reset
  7. Using the Volume Up and Down Buttons, scroll to highlight Yes
  8. Press the Power Button to select Yes
  9. The phone will automatically reboot after the reset is complete

Please note that factory resetting this way will not remove your Google account from the device. You will need to go through the setup process to remove the account from Settings or remove it remotely.

Removing your Google Account from the Device Remotely:

  1. Sign in to your Google account at myaccount.google.com from a computer or other device
  2. Select Sign in & security
  3. Scroll down to Device activity & security events and select Review Devices in the Recently used devices section
  4. Select the device you want to remove from the list and tap REMOVE
  5. Confirm your selection by tapping REMOVE



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