This article was originally published to our blog on November 4, 2017

Artist, radio personality, and TV show host, DJ Skee has been using his Essential Phone with the 360 Camera for the past few months. He's shot everything from concerts to court-side, and in-studio to on the field.

Here are his top tips for having the best experience when shooting in 360:

1. Take What You Knew About Shooting Pictures... and Forget It 

Shooting in 360-degrees is a different concept and layout than the way you’d normally capture a picture or video on your phone. Don’t just focus on what’s in front of you. Look all around and get creative with things like floors and ceilings—so you take full advantage of that 360-degree view.

2. Don’t Stare at Your Phone Screen.

 Framing shots, or even aiming at something specific, is something you need to do with a typical camera, but not this one. It already captures everything around you no matter where you shoot. So you don’t need to stare at your screen to see what you’re capturing.

3. Pretend It Isn’t There 

Because it captures everything around you, it also captures those weird facial expressions you make when you’re squinting or staring too hard. Just pretend it isn’t there and enjoy the moment.

4. Hold It High 

Hold your phone up high—at least eye-level or even higher. You'll get a better view of everything.

5. Stand In-Between What You Want to Capture 

Because the 360 Camera captures everything around you, try standing in the middle of things. So if you're outside, stand between monuments. Or stand in the center of a room, not in the corner. This way, you capture everything, and your shot is great at any angle.

6. Make it Organic 

Big setups, lights, and all these other things that have no place in 360. Just go out and do it! It's super authentic.

7. Shoot Video In Full 

Don't shoot and assume you can cut out things in-between. If you cut the same scene to edit something out, then come back, it’ll look weird.

And check out SKEE TV on DJ Skee’s Facebook and YouTube pages to experience even more of his world in 360 (or SKEE60).